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Dr. Ali Ghavami
Business Surgeon
PhD of Techno-Entrepreneurship
Member of AMA
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    +98 (920) 412 0789
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  • Afghanistan
  • Australia
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“Payesh Plus” TV Show

TV Shows

Consultation about "Starting Home-Business" in the live TV Show "Payesh Plus" from "Iran Kala" TV Station:

"Payesh Plus" TV Show is the result of the cooperation of the Iran Kala TV Station with the creators of "Payesh" TV Show, and in its design, efforts have been made to take into account all the views and opinions of job seekers and those interested in work and entrepreneurship.

  • Time:
    February 24, 2018
  • Project Manager:
    Seyyed Iman Sayah
  • Director:
    Seyyed Davoud Salehi
  • Broadcaster:
    Mohammad Mahdi Barzegar
  • Location:
    Iran Kala TV Station
  • Type:
    Live TV Show

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