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Dr. Ali Ghavami
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Live TV Shows

"Iran Kala" TV Station

“Payesh Plus” TV Show is the result of the cooperation of the Iran Kala network with the creators of the “Payesh” TV Show, and in its design, efforts have been made to take into account all the views and opinions of job seekers and those interested in work and entrepreneurship.

The first part of this TV Show titled Payesh Plus was aired on the Iran Kala network, but with the second series broadcast, the name of the program was changed to “Vaghte Kar”. “Vaghte Kar” TV Show, produced by Mohammad Davoud Salehi, was broadcasted live on the Iran Kala channel on even days at 10:00 PM.

According to Seyed Iman Sayah, the presenter of this Show, the “Vaghte Kar” on each of the even days of the week has a different structure. Saturdays are dedicated to job search, employment, and career promotion, and in those sections such as career self-knowledge, discovering talent and interest, choosing a job, and the path of internship to entrepreneurship was shown.

Mondays are dedicated to direct business consultation of viewers with experts, and on Wednesdays, the experiences of entrepreneurs in the field of various businesses are expressed. Every three days, many items will be displayed with the presence of various experts and entrepreneurs.

The following; The “Vaghte Kar” TV Show on even days, at 10:00 PM, was broadcast on the Iran Kala TV Station and the audience could access all the previous parts of the program in each part of the program.

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